Executive Officers

Erin ” MamaKat” Walker – Executive Director
After growing up as a Camp Fire Samish club member and attending Camp Kirby, Erin made the decision to commit her career to serving youth.  She grew up in Burlington, received her Bachelor’s degree from WWU, and then attended graduate school at NYU. “Mama Kat” became our Executive Director at the close of 2007 after many years working for Girl Scouts and serving as a volunteer leader for her own two daughters, Kathryn and Krista. Erin lives with her husband Jack and two cats. Though she spends most of her time enjoying work, Erin does find time to travel and spend time with family and friends.
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Heather “River” Lindsay –  Operations Director
Heather, also known as “River,” joined Camp Fire Samish in the Fall of 2016. Born and raised in Southeast Idaho, she, along with her husband and five kids, have made the Pacific Northwest their home. She has over 20 years of experience working with youth organizations. Heather believes that every youth deserves to have that perfect moment of happiness. Through imagination, leadership, and exploring talents, youth can find that moment. Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby provides the perfect place for a child’s heart to smile.
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Kathryn “KitKat” Deshaies – Camp Director
Kathryn, otherwise known as “KitKat”, has more than ten years of experience working at Camp Kirby. She attended as a 2nd generation camper and as a counselor before taking on the role of Camp Director in 2014. Kathryn and her husband, Aaron (“Olaf”), and son, Keith (“Wiggles”), live in the Gatehouse at Camp Kirby. They share their home with their three kittens, Basil, Sage, and Sassafras, and dog, Leroy. Kathryn has a BAE in Exceptionality and Disability from Western Washington University, and loves working for an inclusive organization. Kathryn loves that “every moment spent at Camp Kirby is a treasured memory; a chance for campers and staff alike to build a new friendship, learn a new skill, challenge their limits, or witness a miracle.”
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Erin Elizabeth Morgan – Financial Director
Erin, also known as “Erin Elizabeth”, was born and raised in Oklahoma. She is a 3rd generation Camp Fire girl. She grew up spending her free time on her family’s farms. She was a dancer, fastpitch softball pitcher, and show choir performer. Erin has her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Business Administration and has 20 years of experience in Financial and Operational Leadership in Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Defense Contracting, Non-Profit, Independent Schools, and Technology in Oklahoma, Hawaii, Colorado and Washington. Erin lives with her wife, Kathryn, and 5-year-old son, Eli, in Bellingham. She believes that all children deserve to have a safe, inclusive and happy place to grow into the best version of themselves.
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Communication and Office Staff

Jaime “Pele” Oshita – Bookkeeper and HR Manager
Jaime, also known as, “Pele” (pronounced Pay-lay) moved to the PNW from Santa Barbara, CA in 2017. She has worked in various aspects of Community Involvement, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations. The power of teamwork, dedication, and setting goals were instilled in her through her involvement with Volleyball and Basketball as a player and coach. Jaime believes that each day should involve a random act of kindness, a reminiscent thought that brings a smile to her face and a moment of taking a personal inventory on her daily actions. She hopes to provide the youth in our community with the understanding that they are each a different kind of flower and together they make this world a beautiful garden!
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Francesca “Fern” Eskew – Executive Assistant
Francesca, also known as, “Fern” grew up in Washington and moved to Bellingham in 2017 for her Bachelor’s degree and loved it so much that she decided to stay. Francesca has always had a passion for volunteering and serving the communities around her. After graduating with her BA in Communications from Western Washington University, she decided that integrating service into her career was the best thing to do. Francesca loves being outdoors and connecting with the people around her.
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Camp Kirby Staff

Aaron “Olaf” DeshaiesFacilities Manager
Aaron is a recent transplant from Bellingham and lives in the Gatehouse at Camp Kirby with his wife, Kathryn, son Keith, their three cats, and dog. He attended Camp Kirby as a camper and returned in 2012 as a staff member. He has filled many roles at camp since then, from Archery Specialist to Head Cook to Director of Operations. He still fills in the occasional crack during the summer as well as tending to the maintenance log. His values are strongly rooted in integrity, self-worth, and being as ridiculous as possible. 

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