Erin WalkerChief Executive Officer
After growing up as a Camp Fire Samish club member and attending Camp Kirby, Erin made the decision to commit her career to serving youth.  She grew up in Burlington, received her Bachelor’s degree from WWU, and then attended graduate school at NYU. “Mama Kat” became our Executive Director at the close of 2007 after many years working for Girl Scouts and serving as a volunteer leader for her own two daughters, Kathryn and Krista. Erin lives with her husband Jack and two cats. Though she spends most of her time enjoying work, Erin does find time to travel, and spend time with family and friends.

Heather LindsayProgram Director
Heather, also known as “River,” joined Camp Fire Samish in the Fall of 2016. Born and raised in Southeast Idaho, she, along with her husband and five kids, have made the Pacific Northwest their home. She brings over 18 years of experience working with youth organizations. Heather believes that every youth deserves to have that perfect moment of happiness. Through imagination, leadership, and exploring talents, youth can find that moment. Camp Fire Samish and Camp Kirby provide the perfect place for a child’s heart to smile.

Teresa Brescia Chief Financial Officer
Teresa has been with Camp Fire since 2012. A Virginia transplant in 1998, she now considers herself a local. She brings more than 25 years of experience in nonprofit finance, development, and marketing to Camp Fire Samish. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Teresa believes that Camp Fire’s commitment to helping youth find their own interests and abilities is why it is such a great organization to be a part of.


Kathryn LueraCamp Registrar and Camp Director
Kathryn, otherwise known as “KitKat”, has more than ten years of experience working at Camp Kirby. She attended as a 2nd generation camper and as a counselor before taking on the role of Camp Director in 2014. Kathryn enjoys spending as much time at Kirby as possible, but in her free time she loves to travel and play board games. Kathryn has a BAE in Exceptionality and Disability from Western Washington University, and loves working for an inclusive organization. Kathryn loves that “every moment spent at Camp Kirby is a treasured memory; a chance for campers and staff alike to build a new friendship, learn a new skill, challenge their limits, or witness a miracle.”

Maura McKoleEnrichment and Outdoor Specialist
Maura started working for Camp Fire Samish after a very exciting summer as an intern where she fell in love with the Camp Fire way of life. Growing up on Whidbey Island, Maura always dreamed of spending her summers at Camp Kirby. Now, as an adult, she gets to live her dream by working for Camp Fire Samish. Maura graduated from Western Washington University in August 2017 with a degree in Environmental Education, Spanish, and a minor in Environmental Policy. Her favorite part of working for Camp Fire Samish is spending time with kids outdoors and watching them connect with nature. Maura strives to help kids find their spark and, just as important, find part of themselves in the outdoor world.

Jeri TaylorIsland Membership Administrator
Jeri, AKA Jellybean is a 3rd of a 4th generation Camp Fire family. In her youth, she was a camper at Camp Kirby and then staffed for three years as a teenager.  As an adult, Jeri has been kitchen staff for over eight years, a club leader for over 13 years, and a Regional Membership Coordinator for Island County for the last six years.



Sandy Quinores Island Membership Administrator
Sandy was born and spent most of her life on Whidbey Island. Her dad was in the military so she did move around some. She graduated from Oak Harbor High in 1991 and was involved in Girl Scouts from K-12 grade. She joined Camp Fire 15 years ago as an assistant leader for the Little Stars Club and later was offered a job as Regional Membership Coordinator for Island County. She has been actively involved in helping, working, and volunteering with children for the last 35 years. She enjoys seeing the excitement and growth in children as they learn and discover the world around them.

Koralee Allen – Skagit Membership Manager

Koralee was raised in the beautiful Skagit Valley.  She attributes her love and respect for the wilderness to her childhood spent outdoors; riding bikes, swimming and exploring the neighboring woods.  Koralee spent 8 years living in Whatcom County where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree through the Recreation program at WWU.  She hopes to help today’s youth develop respect and a love for the wilderness and all of its living things.  Some of Koralee’s most cherished memories growing up were during her time spent in Girl Scouts.  It is through Girl Scouts that she developed a passion for serving her community.  It is her hope to serve our community by serving our youth.  Providing youth ample opportunities for experiences in the outdoors igniting the necessary spark to grow to respect themselves, the wilderness and the others in their community.

Taylor MalanProgram Assistant
Taylor “Lightning” Malan is a Program Assistant. He first went to Camp Kirby in 8th grade as a MuaMi and continued each year until completing the CIT program. In the summer of 2017, he was a Unit Resource and in the summer of 2018, he was the Archery Instructor at Camp Kirby. He enjoys working with kids so much that he applied to work for Camp Fire Samish during the school year. His favorite part of being a Program Assistant is teaching After School Enrichment classes because he loves helping kids develop their unique qualities, skills, passions, and interests.


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