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Working at Camp Kirby is a very challenging, yet incredibly rewarding experience. For most, the rewards of spending the summer outside and working with youth are well worth it.

We asked a few of our staff members, “Why should people consider working at Camp Kirby this summer?” Here is what they had to say…

“Being at camp gives me a sense of community like nothing else ever has.”

“I really think everyone should work at a summer camp at some point in their life because it teaches you determination and grit. You get a crash course in stress management and build a tolerance for what you as a person can handle… and have fun while doing it!”

“I’ve had a lot of jobs. Summer camp is both the hardest and the most rewarding of them all.”

“On a camp staff, we all push each other to get better, not because we’ll be given some extrinsic reward, but for the love of the work itself, and for the love of the people who turn an open field and a scattering of cabins into so much more. When it’s finally time to fall back into real life, I’m always better for having spent the summer in a world of magic.”

 2024 Camp Kirby Employment

Summer Camp Employment

Start by reading our 2024 Summer Camp Employment Guide.

Next, decide what position would be best for you by checking out our 2024 Open Positions (updated 5/13/24)

Then, complete the online application – New Staff Application  OR Returning Staff Application.


For any questions regarding Camp Kirby, or Camp Kirby employment, please contact our Executive Camp Director at: or (360) 255-7765.

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