Light the Fire Within


To Our Camp Fire Family –

We hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe as we all respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a time of uneasiness and concern, and we recognize that many of you are facing negative health and economic impacts. That said, I want to assure you that Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby has made the safety of our families, our staff, and the youth we serve, our top priority. We are committed to slowing the virus while still setting the stage for future success. 

We continue to fulfill our mission of providing welcoming and inspiring programming, and support to our youth and volunteers through virtual camp and club, phone calls, and web based meetings. We are as grateful as ever for all the ways you support Camp Fire Samish, and promise to keep you posted in the coming weeks.

With “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” mandates in place, however, our loss of revenue has been devastating. Cancelling or postponing events, programming, and camp rentals through mid-April has cost us an estimated $73,520. After-school Enrichment and club programming has been suspended, March and early April camp rentals were cancelled, spring break camps will not take place, and there will be no community classes, day aways, or self-reliance courses until further notice. Thus, we find ourselves in need of reaching out to all who understand that Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby is a deeply rooted part of our community and is important to providing for our youth.

Your support is more important than ever to keep our vital work alive. Please consider making a gift to Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby today.

Thank you and WoHeLo –

Erin Walker – CEO/Executive Director

Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby’s

14th Annual Dinner and Auction

With input from our Corporate Board of Directors, we have tentatively rescheduled the Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby Annual Dinner and Auction to Friday, May 29th. As always, our most important priority is to keep everyone healthy and safe, therefore if local, state, and/or federal regulatory agencies suggest that a large gathering is not advised at that time, we will reach out to you with revised plans.
The Board is scheduled to meet again on April 9th, so please look for updates to follow. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support during this uncertain time!


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Camp Fire Samish

Camp Fire Samish has served the community since 1910.  Camp Fire’s programs provide nurturing and constructive environments for young people to discover their sparks—unique skills, passions, and interests through Club programs, enrichment classes, community service, and camp experiences.

Camp Fire Samish’s Mission Statement

We inspire and empower all youth

to discover their spark, connect with others,

develop leadership skills, build character, 

and thrive in the natural world.

Inclusion Statement

Camp Fire works to realize the dignity and worth of each individual and to eliminate human barriers based on all assumptions that prejudge individuals.  Designed and implemented to reduce sexual, racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes and to foster positive intercultural relationships. In Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.

Camp Kirby

Youth will experience a magical summer at Camp Kirby. Click HERE for more information.

Camp Fire Clubs

Youth create friendships, find their spark, and develop confidence through educational activities, projects, experiences, and events. Click HERE for more information.

Get involved

There are many ways to participate in the successful growth of Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby.  Here are just a few ideas:






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