101 Water Activities – Activities to keep your youth cool this summer

20 Backyard Science Experiments – Easy outdoor science projects

Backyard Camping – Experience the great outdoors and camping from home

Backyard Games – 30 Classic outdoor games for youth

Bubbly Drink – Make your own bubbly fruit drink.

Diving Raisins  – Make raisins dance without touching them.

Dissolving – Find out what liquid dissolves solids faster.

Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt – Test your nature skills

Engage Nature from the Indoors – Summer fun for when you can’t take the heat

Fingerprint Collection – Who is the person

Foam Rain Cloud Experiment – Make a rain cloud weather activity for kids

Hot and Cold – What temperature dissolves faster?

Ice Cube Pick Up – Can you pick up an ice cube without touching it?

List of Nature Documentaries to Watch Free Online – You can never know too much!

Nature Memory Game – Test your memory with outdoor items

Nifty Nail – See if copper pennies have a change on a nail.

Optical Illusion – Draw two pictures and turn them into one.

Re-Growing Food Scraps – How to grow fruits and vegetables from scraps

Pipe Cleaner Tower – How do you build the tallest tower out of pipe cleaners?

Pressed Flowers – Try to preserve flowers.

Preserving Food – Compare different ways to preserve food.

Saving Seeds – Learn where seeds can be found and grow your own plants.

Take a Hike – Tired of the same old hike? Here are a few variations for going on a hike.

Tornado in a Bottle – Create your own tornado out of water and dish soap.

DIY Galaxy Slime

Pinwheel demo

Make a pinwheel while learning action and reaction.

Star Gazing Art demo

Observe the stars during the daytime.