Why Work / Intern for Camp Fire Samish

From one intern to the next, you are going to love working at Camp Fire Samish.

-Chasen Martisen

What Makes Camp Fire Samish Unique?

  • Camp Fire Samish is a non-profit organization providing camps, classes, and clubs for Youth to grow and thrive in.
  • We promote youth empowerment through genuine mentorship, teach environmental education, and help Youth find their unique spark.
  • In this post, we’ll explore what makes Camp Fire Samish unique, identify what skills you can expect to learn, and determine whether you’d be a fit for our phenomenal team!

What Do We Offer?

Camp Fire Samish offers a plethora of fields to intern in, as well as full-time opportunities to work directly with youth. Some of these positions include:

We also offer work-study positions, and seasonal summer employment. 

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Employee Testimonials

I interviewed my colleagues and asked them to share their favorite aspects of working at Camp Fire Samish, and this is what they had to say:

My favorite aspects of this position are the wonderful, caring people I get to work with, the variety of tasks I face each day, and the knowledge that I am making a difference.

Erin Walker, Executive Director

Camp Fire Samish allows it’s employees to be idea generators.  This creates an atmosphere where a growth mindset has the opportunity to thrive and evolve!

Jaime Oshita, Office & HR Manager

I have worked for numerous companies, and I’ve never worked with people more passionate about their jobs and the work that they do. It leads to a very dynamic work environment.

Kathryn Deshaies, Camp Director

Camp Fire Samish’s work culture is unique because our job is ever changing. We find new ways to work with youth and serve our community all the time.

Sasha Powers, Regional Membership Manager

My favorite aspect of working at Camp Fire Samish is that I have the means and passion to foster creativity and ideas on a larger scale to impact a big audience. 

Rebecca Hummer, Marketing Specialist

“Because we realize that our Camp Fire Family is dedicated to our outcomes and not to the money they make (or don’t make; more accurate) we understand the importance of offering flexible schedules, of having fun, and taking a personal interest in each other. We really do become like family!”

Erin Walker, Chief Executive Officer

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How to Apply

We’re currently accepting applications for multiple positions

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The Camp Fire Experience


Final Takeaways

  • Camp Fire Samish presents an excellent opportunity for professional and personal growth.
  • We are currently accepting applications for multiple positions, click here to view them and apply.

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