Weekly Executive Director Update


While we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely, we want to assure you that we are exploring every possible avenue in our ongoing effort to maintain Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby as a successful, youth-serving organization. In addition to a drastic reduction of staff members and a complete freeze in non-essential spending, we have applied for both the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster loans. The remaining staff have written several grants and are still researching others. Several of our vendors and service providers have granted us payment deferrals or reductions in incurred costs. In spite of the pandemic, we are further utilizing social media and non-direct communications within our community, and recently released virtual programming to continue serving youth.

We hope to preserve the rights of our youth to be children, socialize without technology, and enjoy nature. We want nothing more than to maintain camp, club, and enrichment programs that give youth confidence, develop leadership skills, teach valuable life lessons, and help kids connect with others and the environment. Inspiring and empowering youth is our sole mission. Our change in tactics reflects our commitment to this cause.

As always, we greatly appreciate the generous donations we have received to date. With a current funding shortfall in excess of $100,000, your gift is more valuable than ever. Ultimately, we not only hope to safeguard the treasures that Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby have to offer now, but to preserve them for generations to come.

WoHeLo –

Erin Walker