Virtual Camp Kirby Challenge

To earn this digital patch, choose four of the six tasks below to complete, plus the final service activity. 

Make sure to document your accomplishments and share them with us! You can share photos on our social media sites and tag #campkirbychallege.

  • Complete three activities from our resource page. Try to choose things from at least two different categories (lessons, crafts, videos, etc).
  • Complete at least two nature-inspired activities from the following list:
  • Try out a new s’mores recipe and share your results with us! Here are some recipes that we thought looked fun:
  • Teach a friend or family member your favorite Camp Kirby song!
  • Find a way to do one of your favorite camp activities at home, and share what you did with us! Friendship bracelets, cooking dinner over a campfire, making up your own music video, hiking… What activity will you choose?

Give Service – Complete an act of service in your community. The possibilities are endless! We have attached a few ideas to get you started.

Please email, Kathryn “KitKat”, once you have completed the tasks towards earning your digital badge. She can be reached at