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Teens in Action

Provides opportunities for youth to participate leadership and project management through hands on activities and service. Teens have the opportunity to give back and make a huge impact in their community. First Club meeting is  November 8th.  Meets on Wednesday in the Wohelo Room at 1321 King St #3, Bellingham, WA. 98229.


Making Decision to Achieve Results
Teens in Action work because an organized group of teens—not Camp Fire staff and
volunteers—decide how they want to serve their community. Group members make
the decisions, plan their efforts, and implement their plan. Our trained staff guide
and support the group as they carry through their ideas and achieve the intended
results. Teens lead the program and make a difference for themselves and their

Learning to Serve Through Action
Camp Fire is dedicated to helping youth and teens become leaders today. We teach
them the skills they need by supporting them and helping them take action. And
when teens see the results of their work, they thrive. As we always say, “at Camp
Fire, it begins now.”

Teens participating in this program focus on learning leadership and project
management through hands on activities and service. This is accomplished by 5
group challenges. They are also encouraged to try and work on individual quests.
These challenges and quests are built around the five historic Camp Fire Trails – Trail
to Knowing Me, Trail to Family and Community, Trail to Creativity, Trail to the
Environments and Trail to the Future. Teens have the opportunity to design the
challengers that they are interested in pursuing.