Home School Star Explorers

Home School Star Explorer

This Club that was created for Home School Families.  Club starts on Thursday, November 9th and is from 11 AM to 12  PM.  It will be held in the Wohelo Room at 1321 King St #3 Bellingham, WA 98229.  If you have any questions contact 360-733-5710.




Camp Fire Classic Club is a small group program, which regularly meet with youth of similar ages.  A Club is led by a minimum of 2 volunteers and Club size ranges from 6 – 12 children. Clubs meet at least once a month but could meet weekly or bi-weekly, depends on the Club and its volunteers.


There are Five Levels of Camp Fire Clubs broken up by ages.  Clubs are generally organized by age or grade but levels may mix depending on the circumstances of the Club. 

 Level         Grade
  3-5 year olds preschool
  Horizon 9th-12th



Clubs are where children and teens discover who they are. Camp Fire provides a nurturing, constructive and fun environment for young people to discover their sparks—unique skills, passions, and interests—and adopt a growth mindset. They chart their own course to healthy habits, community leadership, and connection to nature in collaboration with trained, caring adults. And, in turn, Camp Fire youth give back by sharing those skills in their communities.


 Club Curriculum follows Camp Fires 5 trails.

  1.   The Trail to Knowing Me– Develops healthy self-image, confidence, safety skills and gives opportunities to explore their world.
  2. The Trail to Family and Community– Teaches about diversity in the community and how to be responsible community members.
  3. The Trail to Creativity– Stimulates creativity and imagination through arts and crafts, music, and drama.
  4. The Trail to the Environment– Helps youth understand and appreciate nature, gain camping skills, and learn how to protect our environment.
  5. The Trail to the Future– Explore new interests, both mental and physical, for a healthy lifestyle.


There are many activities for Clubs to participate in. A few of the activities are Fall and Spring Camporees, Ice Skating, Service Projects,  and Hiking.

Homeschoolers: Camp Fire Clubs can be a great addition to a homeschooling curriculum and round out your child’s education.

New Clubs are starting this Fall!  Join a Club to have fun, explore the outdoors, create adventures, build and learn new skills and make new friends and get more Kirby!  Parents, friends, family you can enjoy this too and spend quality time with your child by being part of an adult leadership team. Call or email – clubs@campfiresamish.org  for more information and Club placement.

Returning Members:  If you are a returning member or you know the club you are joining please click HERE