Growth Mindset 101: Our Approach to Empowering our Campers

Written by Chasen Martinsen | 3 Min Read


As an adolescent, the brain is “the most complicated three-pound mass of known matter in the universe.”

  • Growth Mindset provides youth the tools needed to overcome obstacles & grow into productive, ethical adults.
  • Even though our area of expertise is empowering youth, these practices are applicable and valuable to folks of all ages.
  • In this post, we’ll define Growth Mindset, show a few examples of how we integrate it into our camps, and provide best practices to begin your transition from a ‘Fixed Mindset’ into a ‘Growth Mindset’.

What is ‘Growth Mindset’?

Simply put, ‘Growth Mindset’ is the belief that life skills & intelligence are learned and not inherited. It is the acceptance that failures don’t exist, and they are actually learning opportunities in disguise. 

Growth Mindset is a powerful tool Camp Fire strives to implement in every Camp, Club, and activity we host in order to supply youth with the confidence to overcome obstacles, build self-esteem, and find their unique spark.

Why is ‘Growth Mindset’ Important?

According to Eduardo Briceno, co-founder and CEO of ‘Mindset Works’, an organization that assists schools and various organizations in cultivating a culture of growth mindset, he lists ‘Growth Mindset’ as “the key to reaching our goals and achieving success” in his 2012 Ted Talk

In our own words, ‘Growth Mindset’ is important because it inspires youth (and folks of all ages) to work hard to achieve their goals. It encourages people to view challenges in a new way and see failures or roadblocks as opportunities to learn and grow. 

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset is the opposite of Growth Mindset, and is defined as the belief that basic skills and intelligence are genetic and cannot be significantly altered or improved.  Fixed Mindset is associated with remaining stagnant while Growth Mindset is linked with self-development.

What Does Growth Mindset Sound Like at Camp Fire? 

Final Takeaways

  • Growth Mindset teaches a new approach to overcoming challenges. 
  • These practices are helpful to people of all ages, and Growth Mindset can be applied to all facets of your life.
  • Camp Fire has integrated ‘Growth Mindset’ into each program we offer, Click Here to view our current offerings, and learn how we can help your child find their unique spark.

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