COVID-19 and Day Camps

Day Camps

We are so excited to offer six sessions of Day Camp at Camp Kirby during the summer of 2022! Below are the key points of our COVID-19 policies for this summer, as well as a link to our COVID-19 Handbook for Day Camps.

Key Points

  1. Our policies for this year will be based on current Covid-19 Community Levels as identified by the CDC. Different interventions will be put in place if the community transmission level changes between low, medium, or high. The policies outlined in this guide are our current policies, as our current community level is LOW. If our community levels rise, additional interventions (such as cohorts) will be implemented.
  2. It is recommended by the Washington State Department of Health and CDC that all eligible campers and staff are up to date, including any appropriate boosters, on COVID-19 vaccinations prior to the start of their camp session. Vaccinations are not required to attend camp. It is also recommended that campers receive a negative COVID test no more than three days prior to the start of their camp session.
  3. Facial Coverings will be optional during much of our time at Camp this summer if COVID-19 Community Levels are low. There will be certain times and situations where they are required, so we do ask that campers bring masks with them to camp. Anyone will be welcome to wear a mask at any time, and their decision will be respected by others. Masks will be required when large groups are gathering indoors, in our Health House, and during certain all-camp activities. If Community Levels rise, masks will be required in more situations (similar to our policies in 2021).

We have created a COVID-19 Handbook for Day Camps that outlines our policies and procedures for this summer.