After School Enrichment Classes

Camp Fire Samish offers Enrichment Classes to local schools. 

What is it: Classes are a one-hour program, once a week, for six to nine weeks designed for the youth in your school.

Ages:  Our programs are available for ages Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Classes available: We offer multiple types of classes.  Each class provides a nurturing, constructive, and fun environment for young people to discover their sparks—unique skills, passions, and interests—and adopt a growth mindset.

  • Art – Youth escape into a world of creativity.  Diving into a different artistic outlet each week, youth create their own personal art gallery.
  • Art in Nature – Youth bring their version of the outdoor world to life through art in nature. Personally connecting with the outdoor world, while furthering their dexterous development through cutting nature mosaics, gluing leaf animals and painting flower prints.
  • Chess – Youth learn strategy and patience from a chess expert. Discover how to wow your friends and destroy your enemies.
  • Creativity – Youth explore their creative sides through a mix of art, drama, and music. With a different theme each week, students get a chance to sing, dance, and discover their spark.
  • Drama – Participants will gain self-confidence, improve their creativity and expand their imagination through their opportunities in music exploration, script reading and writing, improvisation, and skill-building in various aspects of theater.
  • Electricity – Students experiment with different ways to make electricity, learn what types of materials conduct electricity, and how to build circuits and simple electromagnets.
  • Get Active – Are you ready to get physical? Let’s Get Active is the perfect place to let loose and release energy. Youth build confidence and gain leadership skills through their favorite games, and activities such as soccer and kickball.
  • Science – With a new experiment each week, students discover their thirst for science and turn into Einsteins before your very eyes. Some experiments include; making slime, learning about energy, making their own water filtration system, and more.
  • Survival Skills – Youth learn basic outdoor skills while enhancing their confidence.  Youth learn all about cougars and bears in the wilderness and gain knowledge about proper wilderness preparations. Activities range from creating natural water filtration systems to identifying animal tracks.
  • Spanish – Come discover the spicy side of Spanish! Students will learn the basics of the Spanish language such as greetings and farewells, vocabulary, songs and dances, and much more. Start your quest toward being multilingual today.
  • Under the Sea – Explore the wonders of the deep blue sea after school with Camp Fire Samish. Youth discover what it’s like to find food like a dolphin, run across the back of a blue whale, keep warm like a walrus, and sing to a penguin. Focusing on a different animal every week, youth gain an understanding and appreciation for our ecosystem.