You Can Help!

Just for a minute think about that special caring adult from your childhood – or how much you had wished for just one adult who was always interested in you.

Take another minute and think about summer camp and the new friends you made or the independence you gained or how much you wish you could have gone to camp.

Take one last minute and think about some of the economic challenges facing all of us at this time. Think about how economic challenges impact young families, the very families we serve.

Can you help? Can you give a gift of any size that will help the Camp Fire Samish and Camp Kirby meet the needs of children in our community? Your gift makes a difference; Camp Fire makes a difference to both children and families.

If you can, please donate now. The “Donate” button on this page makes it quick and easy to do! There are more donation options if you follow the “Powerful, Painless Donations” link.


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About Us

About Us

Camp Fire Samish makes every effort to honor your designation; however we reserve the right to apply funds to another purpose if in the sole judgement of the Board of Directors, the original designation becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment, or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the organization.