Home School Programs

Home School Programming

Camp Fire Samish has created programming specifically for Home School Families.  We are providing three opportunities throughout the week at our new WoHeLo Room in Bellingham.  Each program is geared for hands-on activities, leadership opportunities, and group problem-solving.


Home School Class Currently we offer two Home School Classes.  We offer Science on Monday from 11-12 and Spanish on Tuesday 11-12.   Click here for more information.



Home School Club starts on Thursday, November 9th and is from 11AM to 12PM.



Home School Environmental Education Field Trip. Camp Fire Samish is now inviting local school groups and home school groups to spend the day at Camp Kirby. Our trained staff will show students how local plants and animals work together to maintain the ecosystems we know and love. Learn about the importance of plant coverage in stopping runoff, discover the connections among  Kirby’s flora and fauna, and explore simple yet powerful ways to better the environment in your backyard.