Camping at Kirby

Registration is now open, and spots are filling fast!

Please note – If you are registering for more than one night you will need to select each night individually during the registration process. You can add multiple nights to your cart before checking out.

Please contact, Kathryn “KitKat”, if you have additional questions. She can be reached at or (360) 255-7765.

Available Camping Dates:
July 10th – August 9th, August 14th-16th, 21st-23rd, and 28th-30th.

Check-out: 10AM-12PM
Check-in: 3PM-6PM

  • Accommodations range from primitive tent camping sites to deluxe cabins with kitchens, and range from $25/night-$100/night. Linens are not provided in any of our accommodations, so you will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, etc. The sleeping arrangements in the majority of our cabins are bunk beds and/or cots.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of Camp Kirby as well as activities such as ping pong, corn hole, basketball, volleyball, etc.
  • A small camp store will be open during check-in and check-out each day. We will sell bundled firewood, bags of ice, Camp Kirby merchandise, and other very basic camping supplies. Additionally, Coleman camp stoves with propane tanks will be available for rent.

Deluxe Cabins

Deluxe cabins contain both a 3/4 bathroom (toilet, sink, and shower) and a kitchen. Kitchens are stocked with basic pots, pans, dishes, and silverware. All bathrooms are stocked with paper products.

Health House – $75/night (6 people max) – Health House is located in the heart of camp, and has a full kitchen, a 3/4 bathroom, two bedrooms, and living space. Bedroom #1 sleeps two (one bunk bed), and bedroom #2 sleeps four (two bunkbeds).

Herman’s Hut – $75/night (6 people max) – Herman’s Hut sits out on the point of our property, is right next to the beach, and has it’s own fire pit out front. It is laid out like a studio with a full kitchen and a bathroom (sink, toilet, shower), but the living and sleeping share the same space. There is one twin-sized bed, and then additional cots/mattresses.

Tayito – $100/night (8 people max) – Tayito is the largest of our deluxe cabins, also located in the heart of Camp. It has a full kitchen, and two separate bedrooms. Each bedroom has an adjoining 3/4 bathroom. Bedroom #1 sleeps six (three bunkbeds), and bedroom #2 sleeps two (single camp beds). Tayito also has a large living space and dining area.


Standard Cabins

Standard cabins contain a private bathroom.

Woodpecker (A-Frame) – $50/night (3 people max) – Our A-frame cabin or “Woodpecker” has a 3/4 bathroom, a sleeping loft that houses a full-sized bed, and a lower sitting area that contains a twin-sized bed. If you rent this cabin, your cooking will need to be done outside in one of our communal fire pits, or over a camp stove.


Sandpiper – $50/night (4 people max) – Sandpiper has a 3/4 bathroom, and a sleeping area that contains two standard camp bunk beds. If you rent Sandpiper, your cooking will need to be done outside in one of our communal fire pits, or over a camp stove.


Rustic Sleeping Cabins

Rustic cabins all have basic electricity, and standard camp bunk beds. You will have use of shared bathrooms/showers and fire pits.

$35/night (6 people max) *If you have groups larger than 6, you will need to reserve 2 cabins but we can assign you to adjoining cabins. Examples of rustic sleeping cabins include: Big & Little Dipper, Seagull, Fir Tree, and Evening Star.

Here is an example of the bunk beds found in all of our Rustic Sleeping Cabins.

Primitive Tent camping sites

Our tent camping sites are out in the Kirby woods, and are primitive. They are not able to be driven into, but are a short walk from the main road near HiTor where you can park your vehicle.

$25/night (6 people maximum per site) – Each site contains a fire pit, picnic table, and ample room for tents. Water access, a porta-potty, and hand-washing station will be located near the main road, within walking distance. You can also walk down into main camp to use the communal bathrooms/showers.

Campsite #1 – Sepaca – Sepaca is the largest campsite, and is located the closest to the road. It is approximately a 3 minute walk from where you can park your vehicle.

Campsite #2 – Makuala – Makuala is the most secluded of our campsites, as it is furthest from the main road, at the end of one of our main trails. It is approximately a 5-7 minute walk from where you can park you vehicle.

Campsite #3 – Akeezu – Akeezu is our newest campsite, located right off of our main trails. It will take you approximately 5 minutes to walk to from the parking area.

Camp Kirby Rules and Regulations

  • Pets are not allowed at Camp Kirby.
  • Alcoholic beverages, non-prescription drugs, or controlled substances (including marijuana) are not allowed any time on camp property. Smoking of tobacco products is only permitted in camp’s designated smoking area. Stubs must be collected and disposed of properly in the provided receptacle. Smoke detectors may not be tampered with.
  • No firearms or any unlawful activities may occur on the site.
  • Fire precautions are to be taken at all times. Fires may be built only in existing and designated fire pits, fireplaces, and wood stoves. All county burning bans must be observed. Candles or camping stoves must not be used inside buildings.
  • Boundaries for restricted areas must be observed.
  • No RV’s, motorbikes or off-road vehicles are allowed on the camp property.
  • No group shall alter any of the buildings, structures, or equipment in any way. No timber, shrubs, or flowers shall be cut, damaged, or destroyed. Graffiti of any kind is prohibited.
  • Any damage, needed repair, accidents, or illness must be reported to the Camp Director or Camp Host as soon as possible.
  • No specialized activities such as swimming, archery, boating, and climbing wall may be conducted without the prior knowledge and approval of Camp Fire Samish & Camp Kirby Staff.
  • Be safe and have fun!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or date/cabin transfers must be made at least 48 hours prior to the reservation to receive a refund of anything beyond the non-refundable $20 fee per night. Cancellations made within 48 hours or no-shows will not be refunded.